Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BBQ Championship?! Yes, please!

Remember when I posted about the awesomeness that was the BBQ Championship?  Well we finally went!  It was everything I had hoped and dreamed.  In preparation for the event, Jaron and I went for a long run so we could feel a little less guilty about stuffing our faces.

After the run, we rushed to get ready, met up with David (sans overalls) and headed over.  By the time we got there we were staaaarving!  There were so many booths giving away samples of their BBQ and it was AWESOME!  Jaron may have thought he was in heaven.

Every competitor had their smokers out, cookin’ and smokin’! The smokers are almost as big of a deal as the food itself.  Some of these things were as simple as a barrel, others were super fancy-pants that were painted to match the RV that towed it there.  Here are a few of my favorites:

That's a dragon.  Smoke comes out of its mouth.  Awesome?  Awesome.

 That's a Jeep.  And a smoker.  Double awesome.

This may be inappropriate...but its the most awesomest of all.

We must have tasted a billion samples of BBQ, but The Shed still stands as my favorite...

 ...after this one:


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  1. I want! I want! My hubby's mum knew how to make home made ice-cream and all that. Wish I wa there :(

    Totally feeling ur blog!!!! Glad i found ya thru 20sb

    I'm the newest follower.

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