Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Bows!

Back when I first moved here, I posted this about fashion trends here in the South.  This caused a HUGE influx of requests for bows.  (Ok, maybe just one...My Aunt Debbie had to have one for her granddaughter/my cousin Vikki's littlest, Isabelle). 

So I went to get her one and OH MY GOODNESS.  I walk into the store and I had to take a step back.  The store sells bows.  ONLY bows.  Every wall is lined from top to bottom with bows.  Bow overload.

I think its so funny that the South is covered in bows, and I have never seen a bow store in South Florida! Time to start the trend, Issy!

PS:  The store monograms all of their bows, and ANYTHING for that matter.  They had bows in all colors and sizes...I bought Issy the smallest one!

1 comment:

  1. I made Olivia her own bow barrette last week b/c I didn't want to shell out the $$$$.