Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grease is the Word...

I was just driving along in my automobile and noticed this big box on the side of the road.  Once I saw that one, I began seeing them everywhere!  I think they have always been randomly placed throughout the city but I never paid any attention to them until now…

Since fried food is so deliciously prevalent here in Alabama, there are now Grease Recycling Centers.
No, not this Grease…

….although I wish it was.

Evidently, grease in the numero uno promblemo for the sewage system overflows here in Mobile.  (Betcha didn't think you would learn that today!)

FYI:  I was too scared to open this box to see the “containers”.  
Does your city have these?  Or is Paula Deen and the Colonel just taking over the South?

And remember kids, "Its Easy to be Ungreasy"!