Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Nectar of the Southern Gods

Growing up, I never liked iced tea.  It was never really around like the oh-so-familiar sodas and juices. 
Then, I moved to The South and BAM!  Iced tea is EVERYWHERE! But I was quickly corrected by a waitress – “You mean sweet tea?”


I still never really ordered it, but the boyfriend did.  I occasionally would take a sip here and there of his tea, and before I knew it I was hooked!   That stuff is awesome!  And I can’t get enough!
Then something very serious happened.  I witnessed a waitress making a batch of sweet tea.  It went a little something like this.  Water + sugar + sugar + more and more BAGS of SUGAR!  I knew there had to be sugar in it to be sweet, but I never knew there was THAT much sugar!  It was a sad, sad day in Sweet Tooth Town.

Then, I was let in on a little secret. Half sweet/Half unsweet.   Just as delish…but is this considered a sin in the South?  Just don't tell Paula Deen....

I can now move on with my life…one half and half Nectar of the Southern Gods at a time.

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