Sunday, May 1, 2011


Since I work in the medical field, white-out is a no-no.  I needed to make a correction to a printed document before I made a billion copies, so I was on the hunt.  Word on the street was that one of the managers upstairs had some.  So I went into her office and the conversation went a little like this:

ME:    Hi, do you have any white-out?
HER:  What?
ME:    Do you have any white-out?
HER:  Do I have any what?
ME:    White-out?  Like the white stuff you put over mistakes on paper?
HER:  Ooooh, White-out!
ME:    Yeah!
HER:  Honey, where are you from?!

I’m pretty sure she thought I was speaking Chinese.
She says, "whyyyyt-at".  Next time I will ask for, "liquid paper" or maybe "correction fluid"?

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