Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bootcamp vs. Housewives

The one thing keeping me sane during the job hunt here in Mobile is the same thing that is killing me.  Two months ago I joined Bootcamp with Bodies by Cindy.  I love it for a few reasons:

Its outside.  As an adult, (I guess that’s what I’m considered to be now since I don’t qualify for the student discount anywhere anymore), how often do you get to play outside?  At bootcamp, we get to roll around in the grass and run through the woods.  I didn’t think I would like this as much as I do, especially when I started in August and it was 100 degrees, and now it’s 40 degrees and dropping.  But somewhere in between the extremes I love it.

It works.  Since my usual workout/eating plan were not getting the job done, I added on bootcamp twice a week.  At the beginning of each one-month session, we get measured and weighed.  I won’t go into detail about that but I will tell you that I have lost 7 lbs and 13 inches (from my arms, chest, waist, hips, and thigh) thus far.  Not too shabby.

It’s a group thing.  The classes average about 10 people per class.  Not only do we get to motivate each other, but we also get to laugh with each other about how ridiculously hard the exercises are.  After sharing dripping sweat in the summer and dripping snot in the winter, I should also mention that it is definitely a bonding experience.  On one occasion, Pam, one of the instructors and I were complaining about our runny noses while running.  She finished before me then met me after my run with tissues for me to blow my nose very quickly before beginning the next exercise.  After I filled up my tissue she held her hand out to take the tissue from me... I guess you can say that’s when we bonded.  All of the instructors are pretty awesome…not to mention pretty awesome to look at.  I have met a lot of really cool people through bootcamp and it makes it worth coming back to get my ass kicked once again.  

Back home, in South Florida, the people that surround you while working out are a bit ridiculous.  Let me explain:  The average woman at the gym in South Florida is scantily clad with her hair done, a full face of makeup, wearing every bit of jewelry she owns, and her huge, newly inflated tatas on display.  When I go back to that gym, I feel like I am on a bad episode of Housewives of Miami.  These women, in their 50s are trying so hard to look like and act like they are 20.  Forget it sister, you look like a fool.  Example:  While setting up for a spinning class, one of the housewives moved her bike near the mirror to set up.  My mom asked her if she would like us to move over so she could be away from the mirrored wall.  She replies, “No, I like to be able to see myself when I workout”.  She wasn’t lying.  Throughout the one-hour class, she kept a solid eye on her body through that mirror. 

At bootcamp, everyone shows up dressed like they are going to work out – not like they are going to a fashion show.  Everyone gets sweaty and gross and acts their age….for the most part.  We do turn into a bunch of crybabies every so often, but that’s beside the point. I like it this way.  Besides, I bet the Housewives wouldn’t hold my snot-filled tissue.