Friday, April 1, 2011

Throwed Rolls?!

One fine spring afternoon, Jaron and I decided to go to the Tanger outlet mall in Foley, AL.  (Quite fab, I must say).  It was really good and all, but you know what happened next?  Of course you don’t.  I’ll tell you.

We left the mall around dinner time and we were starvin’ like Marvin.  (Who is Marvin, anyway?  Someone should feed him.)  On the way home we saw a sign for Lambert’s, “The Only Home of Throwed Rolls”.  We heard a little about this place, so we said why not!

Fist, let me just say, this place was bumpin’!  There was about an hour wait.  We debated it for a sec, then decided that it must be delish if everyone and their uncle wants to eat here.  We stayed.

Once inside, you get this overwhelming feeling of old time Southern awesomeness.  You know how Cracker Barrel is Southern themed?  Multiply that by about 7 and you get Lambert’s.  

First, we get our drinks in HUGE old worn out Big Gulps.
Then, a waitress comes by and offers us fried okra from a pot.  I said, “No thanks, we don’t have plates”.  That didn’t stop her.  She laid out a paper towel and scooped some fried okra onto the table.
Next up, we got some rolls. Now, here's where things get interesting.  Let me tell you a little something about these rolls:
1.  They are the biggest, fattest rolls I have ever seen.

Pretend I don't look like a hot mess in this picture...It was a rough, rough day of shopping.

2.  Here is how one gets said roll:  
A dude rolls out a cart and yells, “Hot rolls!”  You are to make eye contact with the dude and he will chuck a roll across the room, over people’s heads, around hanging hillbilly décor, and into your hands.  Seriously.  It happened.

 Bad quality pics, awesome quality bow-tie.

The menu consists of all the Southern classics.  I ordered the chicken and dumplings.  I have never had them before so I figured I should try them…I also never had collard greens.  Tried those too.  I don’t like collard greens.   Jaron ordered fried chicken. (He decided to go all out)

Waiters and waitresses kept coming by and offering a bunch of different sides to plop onto our plates out of big pots that they were holding on their hips as if it were a small (or rather large) child.  

There was so….much… 

Apparently, they have more of these around the country!  Have any of you been to one?  Are they all the same?  Lambert's roadtrip? No? Fine.   It's cool.  We have enough leftovers to make up Jaron's lunches for the rest of the week.

PS:  New things I have experienced in just this dinner alone:  Flying rolls, okra, collard greens, and chicken n' dumplins.  Not too shabby! 


  1. I HAVE had food thrown at me. At Lambert's! YUM YUM :)

  2. LOL. Lambert's is definitely the experience. I've been to both the one in Foley (I love in Fairhope) and the original one up north somewhere. I was on a road trip with my best friend's family and they always stopped there on the way to her Aunt's house in Illinois. The one there had little white surrender flags that you had to wave when you were full . . .or they would just keep serving you more food! But the rolls. . .thrown or not, they are DELISH!

  3. okay... I just stumbled on your blog and can't wait to dig in. I, too, am living in Bama ... but originally from, well, all over, including Iowa, Hawaii and Florida --- which definitely isn't "south" like 'Bama!

  4. I was just thinking about Lambert's yesterday! We started using the Lose It app to track our calories, and I had the thought "I'd HATE to put a Lambert's meal into Lose It. It'd probably just die on me right there!!"

  5. I, too, just stumbled onto your blog and this brought back some great memories. Our women's church group went to the coast every year for a retreat, and we always tried to make this a stop somewhere along the way. Great food, fun atmosphere!!

  6. Lol Im digging the bow tie and I am quite jealous of the rolls!