Saturday, April 23, 2011

Homage to a Country Star?

I had to drive north of Mobile for work this week and when asking for directions, a coworker said, “It’s the first exit past the Dolly Parton Bridge”.  I giggled to myself and thought that was so cute; someone here in the South named a bridge after a country icon.
Little did I know, the bridge is not named after Dolly for her acting/singing skills, but for her…well…see for yourself….

Upon researching, it turns out this bridge is really called the General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge.  Poor W.K....He will never get his credit because the bridge just so happens to resemble boobies.  Sorry, bud. 


  1. Ah yes. . .we ALL call it that too! I've never actually heard its real name until now. Thanks for the lesson ;)

  2. No one here knows the proper name. If you called it by its proper name they would be like "what bridge?". So we just say the Dolly Parton bridge. LOL! Welcome to Alabama

  3. HAHAHHA I love it!