Friday, June 24, 2011


Yeah, that’s right, TRACTOR Xing!
Now, I’ve seen this gem on this road quite a few times, and always thought about writing about it.  But when I saw this on this very road, I knew I HAD to share it with you:

(pardon the glare- this photo op was a last second decision)

WHAT IS THIS?!  This is not a tractor, my friends.  This is like the T-Rex of tractors!  I’m sorry, but the Tractor Xing sign is deceiving.  This is not the same little tractor displayed on that sign.  I literally had to pull over to let this monster through, and he even has one tire on the grass!  Whatever it is, it was awesome.

If you look closely, you will see 2 kids along for the ride in Daddy’s dinosaur.  They probably laughed at me when they saw my jaw in my lap with my camera phone aimed straight at them.  I think I heard the little boy shake his head and say, “Don’t mind us, just headed out for some ice cream!”


  1. haha, that's too funny! I've never seen a tractor crossing & I'm originally from Texas so you would've thought that'd be something I would have run across!!! : )

  2. I always seem to pronounce them (in my head of course) as ex-ings. . . And for the longest time as a kid I didn't know what a PED was. You know, at crosswalks they have PED X-ING written across the road. I was a confused child.

  3. Ha! That's awesome! It reminds me of the "Daddy Tractor" in Cars... and I like the Zing pronunciation! I'm going to have to replace that one in my head.