Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Fairy Tale Kind of Day

This past summer I went to a cardiologist because I kept feeling my heart beat go kind of crazy every once in a while.  The doctor, a very fit man for his age in his tight blue jeans, heard a strange sound from my heart and ordered every test under the sun.  When said tests came back normal, Dr. TightJeans recommended that I see a pediatric cardiologist because he believes that whatever this sound is, I was born with. 

I was planning on walking into the pediatric office and sitting in a tiny child’s chair, surrounded by tiny children, waiting for the nurse to call my name; however, the waiting room was very grown-up friendly. 

 The nurse finally called my name and Jaron and I headed back.  She weighed and measured me, and then we followed her back to the exam room.  Before she walked in the room she abruptly stops, looks back at us and says “I should warn you about this room”.  We walked in to this:

As we stood in the middle of the room and looked around in awe, the nurse explained that they put the décor up for Halloween last year, but the kids loved it so much that they left it.  As we were taking our seats, she looked at Jaron, back at me, and asked “Is this your Prince Charming?”  

She proceeded to get all of my info then said the doctor would be with us in a minute.  As soon as she left, Prince Charming and I could not stop laughing at the situation.  I couldn’t help it; I just had to take this picture:

Finally, the doctor walked in and it went a little something like this:

Hi, I’m Dr. M.
Hi, I’m Alli.
You’re 24.
Yes. Yes I am.

I then explained to him why I was there.  He listened to my heart and knew right away what it was.  Just a very small hole – shouldn’t affect me at all.  He assured me though, that if it does I should definitely see a doctor for grown-ups.

Turns out, I will live happily ever after.


  1. Hi Cookie,

    I really needed to laugh today. You are sent to me from heaven!!! Today is my anniversary-it would have been 35 years. Your amazing father sent me a plant with flowers. He wrote Rick is proud of you and I am too. (Still water runs very, very deep.) I love your dad so.... and I love you even more......Aunt Deb

  2. a home depot, skyscrapers, bridges, a creepily aweome pediactric office and a buffet restaurant ( thats buffet like the singer, pronounced (BUFF-it) not the buffet like the line of calories that you will stuff your gut with... lmfao! I love you allipoop

  3. OMG ALLI! This is fabulous! I'm obsessed with reading blogs, ESPECIALLY if it's made by my friends. I've been throwing the idea around to make one for a few years now, but this just threw me over the edge. I'll have to get on top of it soon. For now I'll keep reading up on your new adventures in Mobile. Your writing is absolutely hysterical. Keep it up! :)

  4. Makes me want to sing songs from Enchanted! :)