Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Godzilla and Pineapple Plants

Here in Mobile, it gets quite chilly this time of year.  By chilly, I mean it can get below freezing at night with a high of thirty something during the day.  To those of you who live north of here, that may not sound so bad, but for this South Florida native, its freakin’ freezing  too cold.  

Even though it gets below freezing, it doesn’t normally snow.  (I think having freezing weather without snow is just silly, but whatever, Mother Nature doesn’t want to listen to me).  However, when visiting Jaron here last February, a very rare snowfall actually fell from the heavens!  I was just a little excited…and Jaron is a goof.  As seen here:

 Snow in Mobile: Wrinkly Forehead edition.

Even though the snow barely even stuck to the ground, it was very exciting for everyone here and events were cancelled all over the city.

So far this year, there hasn’t been any snow.  It has however, been reeeally cold.  The weather reports warned us to bring in our plants from outside, so we did.  We brought in our one and only plant…a pineapple plant.  Jaron’s mom bought it for us when she was last visiting.  It takes one whole year to grow one whole pineapple so we decided we would eat it when she comes to visit the following year.  She told us it was a good plant to have because there is no way you can kill it.  It barely even needs water.

So to make sure our pineapple would survive, we listened to the weatherman and brought it inside.  Jaron soon pointed out that there was a huge bug on it.  It looked just like this

(I’m not exaggerating….ok maybe just a little) 
We then saw his twin brother on the wall.  Now that there were two of them, they could make Godzilla Bug babies which could take over our apartment and eat us in our sleep and go on my computer and take over my blog….. For all you know this could be Godzilla Bug typing to you right now.  Raar.

Anyway, we decided it was best if the pineapple plant was left outside to prevent bug infestation in the apartment.  We agreed we would keep an eye on the plant to make sure it continued to not only survive, but thrive, and live a long, healthy, life. 

Maybe next time?

Godzilla photo courtesy of: http://lesinfin.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh my God that was hystercial !!!! you are so funny !! i loved this post !

  2. hahahhaha! I believe that the bug looked like that. I support you 100%! :)